Preparing for the future?

Knowledge on demand

We believe that making sure all staff members from managers to weekend staff have the same wealth of knowledge available to assist every customer. Vr Gardens is the solution. Maintaining knowledge in every store is essential and can be implemented either on large touch screens or tablets, this allows for instant access to quick garden design, plant and product information and pricing, availability and planning, it also allows customers see products that are not on display and gives the staff a quick, go-to solution to help retain the customers interest and get closer to a sale.


Globally smartphones and smart devices are driving online and multi channel sales, connecting the omni-channel and smart in-store solutions and incentives are retailers top priorities, AMA research says that the top players are looking to the IOT and implementing new innovative sales channels. Vr gardens sits in that space with the ability to develop in-store and on-line omni-channel products to suit this growing demand.

Data that drives repeat sales and builds a profitable CRM

Customers sign up in-store using their email, which can be added to a progressive CRM. Now retailers can avail of specifically tailored campaigns giving a more exact message and sales opportunity. These specific email campaigns offers the chance to raise conversions through tailored upselling as all sales can be targeted seasonally for additional upkeep.

Omni channel

VR Gardens can make available specific web content including videos, stats, images and testimonials allowing a secondary online presence furthering the in-store draw and boosting the omni-channel strategy. Find on-line and close in-store.

D.I.F.M. (Do It For Me)

Do-It-For-Me behaviour is becoming more prevalent and demanding in todays market, developing the full end to end solution ( design – delivery – install ) is a key factor in the future of this rapidly changing industry. VR Gardens wants to work with this trend by having installation communities, nominated fitters and contractors that retailers work with, giving the market a turnkey solution its demanding.


The world population is growing and creating a shift towards apartment living, Eastern and Western Europe are rapidly catching up with the Middle East, Africa and the Asian Pacific trends in this space. VR Gardens can adapt into VR Balconies, a planner designed and prepared for these future trends and future customers living in smaller urban sized homes and apartments.

Complete control of total project spend

Retailers want to control and own full project spend, consumers today can cherry pick from multiple sources for there home and garden renovations, VR Gardens gives the retailer complete control of the project with no ability to add different items from different merchants, the total project solution.

Spoil your customers with an amazing design experience

VR Gardens offers customers the ability to design their dream outdoor space using simple tools in a stylish and accessible in-store kiosk, they can view their designs in rich 3D & VR giving them instant satisfaction and ability to make decisions on the spot.