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Our Apps are freemium, in-app purchasing applications that funnel targeted traffic through a range of optimied on-boarding processes for both web and mobile, both with separate price points depending on the tier being used. Users can play for free in a demo version of the chosen product, begin to use it, then register for free.  After tr the product, users have the ability to unlock the version they want  depending on their requirements.


Areas we specialise in


Discoverability – this ensures that our apps are as visible as possible in the app store and across all mobile channels. Within the app store, the listing, images and reviews will  be compelling and will encourage downloads. Other areas of focus include the surfacing of the app across search engines, and the implementation of technology  such as deep linking, an essential activity that will aid the implementation of strategically developed potential user journeys.


On boarding – the user’s first experience in-app is short and powerful  and will have a more rapid, fun and understandable route to success than any of our competitors, this helps  reduce churn.



Retention – once the app is downloaded, an ongoing relationship between the user and the app will be established through tip and prompt controls, targeted remarketing, flash sales, microtransactions and in app education.


Budget Management – targeted approach will seek  to acquire users that will aid  the organic growth of the  app. This limits the initial scale, will  help to ensure budgets are  not depleted, and gives us more time to optimise towards  maximum efficiencies.

Higher Impact – by experimenting with  creative and targeting on a  low level in initial phases, we  can gather learnings which  will lead to a higher impact  once media is scaled. This will enable a higher  penetration level of the target  audience, which will aid the  spread of awareness.

Measured Learnings – by identifying a specific state  change from different phases, there is structure in place  to ensure analysis and  learnings are pulled from the  initial launch at a predefined  point in time. This will enable a more  structured and informed  growth strategy.