Become an Affiliate

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Being an affiliate with VR Retail means retailers/suppliers get a new channel to reach a wider range of consumer.
        • Offer customers the chance to view your products in 3d and VR.
        • Huge increases in click and collect and home delivery year on year .
        • Online e-commerce that allows you stand out from the crowd
        • Powerful and secure online platform
        • Instant multi purchasing with ADT
        • Competitive rates

Showcasing all your products on one platform that engages with the consumer and allows them to design with ease and find the items they want to see in their garden. They can then go ahead and purchase the items using our online shop that is linked directly to you. An instant sale that is hassle free and available 24 hours a day.

Our platform allows retailers showcase their products in a revolutionary new VR and 3D interactive space giving their customers an amazing platform and shopping experience.

Leading the market in a retail revolution