Google Unveils Daydream View – Its Cardboard Successor

google headset

Google unveiled a brand new virtual reality headset dubbed Daydream View, which serves as a souped-up successor to its initial — and rather rudimentary — entry into the VR headset space, Cardboard. The brand new Daydream View is priced at $79 and made of a plushy material. It will be available in three colours: Slate (grey), Snow (white), and Crimson (red), and will go on sale this November.

Daydream View, which is mobile phone-compatible, only works with select phones that have special screens and censors and that tout Android’s latest operating system. In addition to the headset, Daydream View also comprises a tiny remote control complete with a trackpad and two buttons — which is how users interact with the VR landscape via swiping, slicing, throwing, and swinging, Wired reports.

Right now, Google’s newly-announced Pixel phone is the only device that’s compatible with Daydream View, but Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcate reportedly have their own iterations in the works. Google will also reportedly be enabling hardware companies to build their own Daydream headset devices by releasing a reference design for developers in the fall.

In addition to the fresh, new hardware, Google is also launching a Daydream-ready app store, which includes Google services like YouTube, Google Play, Google Photos, and Street View, as well Netflix, Hulu, and HBO. VR content will be available in VR, according to Wired, while traditional content will be available in an immersive virtual setting.

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