Experience new designs and ideas on your PC, tablet and smartphone, as well  as via virtual reality gear.

Grab your headset and enjoy the best VR experience available.

Our range of VR-ready design products are a world first. VR Gardens will be the first to market the targeting needs of consumers in gardening, which will be followed by VR Balconies for apartment owners, and VR Gardens Pro for expert home and garden renovators, as well as for professional designers.

We have designed a variety of advanced features, which gives our digital products a unique and powerful edge, for buyer and seller alike. 

Adaptable Design Technology (ADT). Delivering sales and results. Our ADT is a sophisticated set of algorithms, allowing all designs to be resized to fit any shape anywhere.

All designs and items are pre-priced, and our ADT recalculates itself every time, giving users an instant price. This saves hours of work, allowing the user to understand pricing in sync with the design process. It gives instant results with no hidden costs. 

Retailers, want more sales, more often and without huge costs. Our system offers multi-order capabilities to retailers and the opportunity to showcase their product in 3D and in VR, for a fraction of the cost of some online partner programmes.

Our system facilitates large ordering easily, helping users purchase confidently, with real-time pricing and availability coming direct from the retailer’s website. 

Advanced Plant Library (APL). Making planting sales easy.

Our APL is an additional set of sophisticated algorithms, allowing all planting plans to be rescaled and adapted to the orientation of the space they’ve been put in. APL measures the sun and shade, positioning the planting in its natural place. This planting rule algorithm allows for perfect spacing between plants, which in turn allows them to flourish in their new environment.

The APL allows plant and tree suppliers to sell their product online, safe in the knowledge that the user will have the correct understanding of where and how to use them. This helps with repeat business as users become more confident with plant purchasing.

Plant nurseries and retailers can avail of large ordering easily with APL due to it being able to handle high volumes. It gives an instant quotation for all items in real-time, directly from the retailer’s website.

It offers real products in 3D, signalling the end of photoshopping. Real digital design with real products, delivering higher sales. High quality 3D models of all our products are created, giving users a real experience and understanding of what they’re buying.

VR Retail offers the best package for home and garden retailers, as well as suppliers. We take out the pain and difficulty of producing 3D models, which gives retailers the perfect platform to offer customers the ability to look, feel and experience their products in our ground-breaking apps.